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Condom female, purchasing method and its effects etc. Female condom is best way for the contraceptive

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What is condom female?

What is condom female?

As you know that Condom is the cheapest method of contraceptive. Condom help people to prevent from unwanted pregnancy and different types of STDs. Condom is used by any of the people either men or women. The condom which is used by men are different from the condom which is used by women. The condom which is used by women are called the female condom or condom female. Sometimes female condom is also called the femidom and internal condom because it goes inside the vagina.

The female condom are generally made with polyurethane material. The female condom is very thin, soft and has a loose fitting sheath. Female condom is deign in such a manner that it has a flexible ring at both the end. The female condom is available in the market with different color, shape and size. Women can select any of the female condom according to their need and choice.

While doing the anal sex, some of the male partner can also use the female condom. Male can wear the female condom in a same manner as the women wear the condom during the vagina intercourse. It help men to prevent from STDs.

Effect of female condom

Effect of female condom

Now a day, most of the women use the condom during the sexual intercourse. Women use the female condom to prevent from unwanted pregnancy. If women use the condom in a proper manner then its effectiveness is 95%. But it is not possible that women use the condom every time perfectly, so the effectiveness becomes 79%.

Female condom is not so expensive, so any people can easily purchase it. Most of the female condom are made with polyurethane material, so the women who have the allergy with the latex material can easily use the female condom without any worry. Most of the female condoms are already lubricated, so it is not necessary to reapply the personal lubricant. If women wants then she can apply any of the personal lubricant according to their choice.

To make the female condom more effective, women can take some other birth control method such as pills, IDU etc. with the condom during the sexual activity. It provides women some protection from STDs and double protections from unwanted pregnancy.

Women prepare condoms? Purchase?

Women prepare condoms? Purchase?

Before using the condom women should do some preparations. Before purchasing the female condom women should check the expiration date. Women should cut their nails before using the condom because if the condom get scratched then there is possibility that the condom will break during the sexual intercourse. It depends on women whether she want to apply the personal lubricant on the condom or not because now a day most of the female condoms are already lubricated.

But it is important for women to apply the personal lubricant near the vagina. Women should check the inner and outer ring properly.

Now women can slowly insert the female condom into the vagina in such a manner that outer rings hang outside the vagina. After completing the sexual intercourse, remove the female condom carefully so that semen does not come out. How to male condom and how to use female condom is very different

Women can easily purchase the female condom from medical shop or from online store. There are many e-commerce sites which provide the varieties of female condom. Women can easily order the female condom from these sites and do the payment via net banking, credit card, debit card or COD(cash on delivery).